Sunday, June 14, 2009

End of School year busy!

WOW, the last month has been so very busy! Friday was the girls last day of school with a celebration party in the evening. Tuesday (4am) we take off for Spain! I can't recall the last vacation we took (it's been too long), I am hoping to get some major relaxation and fun in during these 10 days. Here is our itinerary: Leave Boston 6am June 16th. Arrive London, have dinner and sleep for a few hours. Early Wednesday fly to Malaga, Spain. Travel to the In-Laws apartment, food shop, deal with jetlag and get settled in. Not sure what is up for Thursday. If I have anything to say about it, relax on the Beach! Friday catch the high speed train for Madrid. Meet up with Sister-in-law for a fun filled weekend of sight seeing. Monday, back to Malaga. Wed back to Boston. Whew! Sounds busy to me.

Let's see what we've been up to.....First I'd like a share a couple of photos from the Year End Celebration. The kids put on a lovely show, about "Possibilities" and "I'm Gonna Be", with song and dance. Fun was had by all!

The previous weekend our Brownie Troop went on it's first overnight camping trip. All the girls were amazing. The bonds they developed with eachother, working together to cook, clean and play, was all priceless!

They learned about fire safety, lighting matches, boating, swimming, crafts and more.

On the knitting front I have been working diligently on a Mystery Sock Pattern for the Aug/Sept Solid Socks Knit Along. I have many terrific knitters helping me find errors as well as making suggestions for a perfect pattern. It has thus far been a wonderful experience. I cannot show you a picture, as that would spoil the mystery, but I can invite you to join us! If you are a knitter and have not yet gotten your account in Ravelry, you should, it is a great resource as well as lots of fun. Here is where you can join the KAL for knitting socks in Solid or Semi-Solid yarns.

I have finished other socks too, here is a pair made specifically for my Mom. She picked the yarn and I built the socks.
Pattern: Kai-Mei from Sock Innovations by Cookie A.
Yarn: Lots of left over pieces.

One last thing I would like to share before I go on vacation.
A new bag style, which seems to be quite popular!
The 14 inch wide wedge style knit project bag.

Have a GREAT start of Summer and I'll be back end of the month!
Happy Knitting!!!