Sunday, May 20, 2007

Not much time to knit lately

First let me show a picture of the completed baby outfit. Too cute.

Now let me take a minute to show you my very Firsts:

My very first sweater, not nice, but wearable. It is now my favorite knock around "sweatshirt". My first pair of socks are toddler size. You should have seen my daughter trying with all her might to squeeze her feet into them. So I thought I would make it again, but a little larger and I ended up with socks that fit me. I haven't a clue how to size socks yet, obviously. And now I am trying again.

The sweater and socks are made with knitpicks Shine worsted. Very soft and comfy, although tends to pill and shed quite a bit. I used "North Country Cotton Baby Socks" Pattern.

This time around I am using a pattern for "2 socks on one circular" and trying to make it small enough for my 6 year old. I am using a self striping Sockotta yarn, which is great fun! I used the "magic toe" cast on, which is fabulous. I will always use that! But the pattern uses a short row heel and I really don't like it. At least so far. It doesn't look as nice as the heels in the top down pattern I made before. Any favorite heels styles out there?

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Needed a "break"

It seems that after doing a bigger project I need to do something small, like doll clothes. Quick turn-around feels good and increases self confidence. Especially since I like to see a finished product fast. My neighbor is having a baby boy soon, so I thought, lets knit a quick sweater. Well, I got going on the sweater (of course converted to circular knitting) and was having so much fun I blew by the arm holes and then by the neck shaping, until I realized that I had better stop. Instead of worrying about what to do with my lovely tube, I decided to steek everything. It looks SO adorable. The photo (in production) does not give it justice. I have steeked and finished the neck and one arm hole. The other arm hole to be done at Karate tonight. With this ultra warm weather we are having I also decided to nix the sleeves and make it a vest. I thinks it's so cute. Oops it really is a sloppy photo!
Oh and this has taken me all of 2 days!!!! Feels great.

Done and I love it.

I finished Sarah's sweater. I think it looks great. She has worn it a few times already. She asked that I not put sleeves on, I said OK! Come fall I will add the sleeves on, as it is more practical. But right now capped sleeves are working.

The steeking went just fine! here are a couple of photos. One prior to steeking and the next steeked and cut.
Note the cute lady bug buttons, chosen by Sarah herself. I think tomorrow will be a day to start Catherine's version of the above sweater.
You know what is funny about this sweater? Since I knit it from the top down, the "flowers" are upside down. This is supposed to be knit from bottom up. Gee I wonder, can I knit from bottom up all one piece in the round? I think I will try that with Catherine's. At least her color blobs might look like flowers, but I will be certain to mess something else up as I experiment with a new (to me) technique.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Better but not perfect

OK, so I washed, blocked and flat dried the top and it is better, but I cannot get rid of the twist. Otherwise, I like it.