Monday, April 30, 2007

Finally finished

I have finally finished the V-neck, and I must say I am not thrilled. I fixed up the loopies on the neck line and it looks fine, but for some reason the top has a twist. Which is going to drive me nuts. The yarn feels great, but the top also turned out a bit large (I think). And I would have liked a deeper cut in the V.

I don't know anything about putting pieces together, so at this point I avoid it at all costs. Maybe this time to my peril. I did have to attach the shoulders. I worked the top from bottom up (as per instructions), but I did it in the round to avoid side piecing. Maybe that is why I have a twist? I'll have to do some reading to see if anyone else has had this sort of problem.

Otherwise it is a lovely top!
Note: 8/14/07 I Love this top. It has a wonderful drape, is cool even in the most hot and humid weather! And yes the twist does bug me a bit, but I have gotten used to it, since I just love to wear this all the time. I think now that the twist is due to knitting in the round as well as the fact that I knit so very tightly. I am working on that though.

And here I finished a quicky. I used some bulky tweed I got on sale to make a birthday gift for a friend. Her birthday is in October, so good timing. But I love the sweater and will have a hard time parting with it! I did a basic top down circular raglan pattern, but incorporated a broken rib neck, waist and wrist, as well as a cable (my first) down the sleeves. I love it!

And now for my new project. My girls need a basic cardigan and I love this pattern. Of course I am changing the colors and converting it to a top down raglan circular pattern. Then I will steek the front and knit the button rib. Ooh more experiments! I love it.
And lastly I have been working on a sweater for my mother. No photos yet, but soon. This one will take me a while, but that is OK she won't need it till fall.

Friday, April 27, 2007

How to make edges look neat.

I have done quite alot of my blue V-neck. Been knitting instead of other responsibilies. Really want to see how this comes out. Well, back is done, but front.....well I am having trouble liking the edges, especially in the V. I am not knitting the first stitch of each round but I seem to get a big ugly loop. Any suggestions welcome. Otherwise I can't wait to wear this!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Recently finished projects

Just wanted to take a minute to post some of my recently finished projects, at least the ones I am proud of :-)

First is a Berroco Zuzu pattern made with SWTC Bamboo. I love it, the drape is perfect, it is comfortable and my husband likes that it is a little short at the belly (accidental but good).

Next are tank tops made for my girls with matching tanks for their American Girl dolls. They look great on too.

Now back to my blue v-neck tank, must finish!

Note: 8/14/07. The Bamboo top is stretching in length. It is no longer short, but just right although the sleeve holes have also gotten larger (almost x-rated now). And the Bamboo does not breath well in hot humid weather, otherwise this is one of my summer favorites. Next; the tank tops were made from Elan Sonata, and they have washed and worn wonderfully! I wash these like all the other kids clothing (fast & warm) and dry in the dryer and they still look good as new!

Monday, April 23, 2007

I wanted to share a wonderful experience I had last week. While visiting my Mom in NJ we went to "check out" a yarn shop. We went to Majestic Yarns in Ridgewood, NJ. We had so much fun! Berta Karapetyan owns this shop along with one in NY. If anyone is familiar with who Berta is will see my enjoyment of this trip. She has recently released a new book, "Runway Knits" and had a signing event. Of course I bought a book (my first ever knitting book) and had it signed. Then I bought a truckload (slight exaggeration) of the most beautiful yarn I have come accross in my short time as a knitter (3 months). The Karabella Yarns (founded by Berta) are fabulous, and also quite expensive. But so far I think the quality is worth the price.

Berta is a really neat lady and I enjoyed talking with her and look forward to going back there again. I was also quite pleased at her complimentary comments on my knitting ability. Certainly boosted my ego a notch.

By the way there are some gorgeous patterns in her book and I am so looking forward to knitting more than one! But first I want to finish the tank I have started. I am making the Terrain V-Neck in a bright blue (my all time favorite color) and the yarn is knitting up fabulously. It is 50% cotton/50% silk and knitting 2 strands together. Can't wait to show it off.

The only problem I have now is I have broken my own rule....."I have a stash"!!!!! Ahhhhh.
I promised myself that I would not do it, but now I had to consolidate my quilting stash to make room for my knitting stash. Well, better get knitting and use up some of this yarn!

Happy knitting.
My first blog, wow moving up in the world.