Thursday, July 26, 2007


What a great day I just had! The girls were at camp, the hubby at a conference and I had the afternoon to myself. Do you think I caught up on housework? Or do you think I put in a film I have not watched since it's release, and knitted socks. Hmmm let me think....Yes- I had a blast watching Titanic and knitting my Crosshatch socks.

Although I do have to say I am dissapointed in the sizing from mSKS. On first calculations, I needed to knit 96 stitches. I started at the toe and increases seemed to go on forever, so I quit at 84. Then after about 16 rows I reallized the socks are still too big. So instead of frogging, I went down a needle size. They fit much better now, but I am going through yarn at an increadible rate. I wonder if I will get much of a leg on these socks. Oh well, I am enjoying knitting them anyhow.

First Blocking experience

I have finished the shell of the white summer cardigan. When I tried it on, though, it was TINY. I guess with all the ribbing, I will have to block it. So my first attempts seemed to work OK. I pinned the sweater to the ironing board and sprayed with cold water. Looks better, but I think it still turned out alittle on the small side. (Actually after comparing it with the pattern photo, it is definately small.....I'll still wear it though). Check out the ribbing photo, isn't it pretty? Now it is time to pick up stiches and start working the sleeves.

Pattern: Katia Twist Jacket (pattern no longer available on-line)

Modifications: 1. worked as one peice instead of 3.

2. Finished shoulders with kitchener stitch.

3. Work both sleeves together on one circular needle.

Yarn: Reynolds Saucy White, 100% Cotton, Worsted weight

Needles: Denise Circular #7

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I am Officially addicted

Ok, not only do I have a yarn stash, but I currently have 5 active projects on needles. I think I have finally made it into the realm of nutty knitters! And proud of it. Right now I am busy trying to get to the sleeves on my white sweater so I can feel comfortable starting a new project. I want to start the "Cozy Moss Shrug" from "Runway Knits". It seems like it will go quickly and I am at a need for completing a project.
Ooh and let me show you the socks I have started (although they too are on hold till the sleeves get picked up). Are they great; my best pair yet! I am proud and hardly past the toes (hee hee hee). Hope they continue this way. I am using a size US 0 circular needle, and the Regia Bamboo yarn. Knitting the Crosshatch Lace sock from the toe up (duh) from Charlene Schurch's book "More Sensational Knitted Socks".

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'm Back and Finally finished my Socks

Wow, what a wonderful trip; chock full of fun and driving. We all really enjoyed ourselves. The girls especially liked the caves and caverns. They are like sponges in learning new things. We had fun and an education too. And the most fun they had was the time spent with their cousins in Mississippi!! Which was the goal of our trip.
My girls also enjoyed going on the rides at Hershey Park, and meeting my college roommate Cindy. They hit it off quite well and we all had a really nice day! Sarah said, "I like Cindy, she's cudly!" :-) Too sweet.

When that was over we did a long weekend trip in New York City with the family, to celebrate my husbands 40th. Had a blast! But now all I want to do is sleep, rest and maybe knit. I didn't get much knitting done on the trips, but I did finally finish the socks.
Of course, they are not very good. Unfortunately the pattern, which would be gorgeous, is lost in the multi-colored yarn I ended up using. There are a few mistakes on the foot, and then I ran out of the brown and had to end the toe with a new yarn, they even feel a bit big....but, that could be the result of using 100% cotton on the foot. All said and done, I will still wear them! And I am not completely dissillusioned, I will try another pair of socks......My wonderful Mom bought me a bunch of sock yarn in a yarn store in Memphis! (and I added a few too). I am going to start a sock using the Regia Bamboo next. And I want to finish my summer white sweater. Which is a long way from done....maybe 1/3 the way there?