Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's a bird, it's an owl, No it's a Hawk

At first, from quite a distance I was excited to see an owl. Then I got out the camera and zoomed in as close as I could.....
And discovered it's a Hawk (I think).

Finished a pair of Socks for January

I call them Wine Spills, as the pooling looks like someone (probably me) spilled wine on them.
Pattern: Queen of Cups by Nathania Apple
Yarn: ShiBui Knits Sock yarn in color #229
Needles: One US1 circular needle, two at a time
Notes: I did the cuff as a k1 x p1 ribbing. The pattern is great fun to knit. I never got bored with them. All in all a cute pair of socks.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's a Secret

Max at 18 weeks old.

Max at 11 weeks old.
Can you believe how much they grow in 2 months? He is already almost 3 times as big as when we brought him home. But he is certainly handsome! He is a joyful addition to our family. And after having made leaps and bounds with training him, he seems to be fitting in wonderfully. He has a wonderfully strong personality which really shows when he is trying to figure out "where he stands" with everyone. But once established, he has been fun. He is even calming down a bit now, where the girls can (finally) hug him. Funny how we think the puppy is so cute and cuddly, and all the puppy wants to do is bite play as though you were another puppy. Now at almost 20weeks of age, max still likes to mouth, but he also likes to be rubbed and cuddled.

He has adopted Catherine's bean bag chair as his own.

And he love Sam Adams....well the heavy cardboard boxes anyway. Just like children, boxes are his favorite toy.

And here we have the secret. I am designing a cardigan. Love this patterning! And the yarn is gorgeous as well. I have gotten requests for me to write up the pattern for my Blue Cardigan, but instead I am going to create a brand new one. I will post details in the future. Right now, this is just a tease.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Snakes & Ladders Test Knit

Pattern: Snakes & Ladders by Ann of 1 More Row which I had the luxury of Test Knitting.
Yarn: Woolen Rabbit Harmony sock yarn in Neptune.
Needles: One Knit Picks 40" circular in size US1 (2.25mm)

This pattern is fun, simple and easy to memorize. The socks are so very cute and fun to wear. The yarn is so soft and luxurious.
I did 5 repeats on the foot and 4+3rows on the leg and I certainly could have done more. I ended the snakes in the “middle” so they would flow nicely into my k1, p1 ribbing.

Thank you for sharing your pattern Ann, I had fun knitting them!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy 2009!

I am so excited to start a new Knitting Year! I have so many lovely yarns I am itching to knit up!

But first I want to take a minute to share some Christmas knitting photos and recently completed knits.
First up are some happy recipients in Canada of some thorpes, stripes and mittens.
Next up are some Christmas knits for my Mom, one pair of socks somehow did not get photographed. Mom, please send me a photo of your blue jeans socks? These are the Best Friends sock, made specially for Mom!
This is the Swirls Hat, being modeled by Catherine.

And a gorgeous soft pair of mittens knit tip to cuff, of my own design.These are the Embossed Leaves I finally got around to knitting. They are simply gorgeous in a wonderful yarn called Earthly Hues (a gift from my far away knitting buddy, Christy)
And these are the Up-Down Spiral socks from IK's Favorite sock Book. I used left over sport weight yarn to make these and they fit Catherine perfectly (with a little growing room). She loves them and has not taken them off, except to sleep.

What am I up to now? I am doing a test knit of a lovely sock pattern "Snakes & Ladders" by Ann in Australia. Isn't the internet just amazing?!?!
And I am knitting the sleeves on the Shalor sweater by Penny Straker, for my Husband.