Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Detonator - for me.

So SockWarsIII is done for me. It was, once again, fun and I did meet some nice people (for one my assassin Linda). I did not get as stressed out this time around, but WOW alot of people did! This round (being sponsored by Tofutsie) was huge and quite competitive.

I started a pair of socks for my target using OnLine, knitted down to the heel turn on 2 socks. It did not look right. So instead of frogging I started again on another yarn (Berocco Comfort Sox) and it looked right. I liked them both so I e-mailed my target with photos to see if she had a preference, she said no. So I continued with the Berocco. One sock came out great and then I got killed by a lovely package of goodies and sent the unfinished pair off to my assassin.

Then I decided to frog the OnLine and start again, this time FOR ME. Unfortunately the repeats on the OnLine self striping are fairly long, which I did not realize, and I split the balls slightly unevenly. Adds "interest" to the socks. They are comfy and cozy (I made lots of mods to make them fit) and am happy with them.

Here are my Targets unfinished pair.

Here is my "kill" package.

Here are the pair I made for me.

Pattern: The Detonator by Julie Gardner
Yarn : OnLine Beach
Needles : US0 and US1.5 circular
Construction: I made lots of mods to the toe and heel construction, as well as the number of sts and guage, otherwise I did use The Detonator pattern.
1-Judy’s Magic Cast on of 10 sts each needle.
increasing every round till 20 sts, then everyother to 37 & 34 (front & sole).
2 - used size US0 needle for fit around my 9” yet thinnish foot.
3 - Used WendyKnits toe-up gusset heel
4 - continued with 37 sts on front but reduced to 27 on back. And moved up to a US 1.5 needle.
5 - 1x1 ribbed cuff - used US0 needle.
It fits perfectly!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Spring Twists in Easter Egg Dye done.

Pattern: Spring Twists by Jeanie Townsend
Yarn: Bare Essential by KnitPicks, dyed by kids with easter egg dyes
Needles: US0 on foot and US1.5 on leg
Construction: Two at once, one circ, toe up
These socks are already well loved. Bound off this morning, on the feet and off to school already.
I did a twisted stitch for the knits. This was a tedious knit, not fast, so be prepared to take your time making them. The twists snug the pattern up enough that the leg is snuggly even though I went up a needle size.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

PinkOnes by Jeanie Townsend

These are a test knit. The pattern is only the leg. I "winged" the rest.
The foot did not come out as I envisioned it, but I am hoping Jeanie will complete the pattern one day (as I am not a pattern writer!)
Although I love my heel design. I did the usual sl1 k1 heel stitch, but on the return instead of purling the row I purled the purl sts and knit the slipped stitches. It seems to fit well with the moss stitch pattern of the rest of the sock. I'm pleased with that part.
Pattern: PinkOnes by Jeanie Townsend
Yarn: KnitPicks Essential in color Coral
Needles: US1.5/2.5mm 32" Harmony circular
Construction: I reduced the number of stitches from 72 to 64.
The pattern stitches remained the same with the reduction occurring in the moss stitch,
so no problemo.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Pink Spring Sweater Done!

And the model has appeared. She loves it!
........although Catherine has not yet tried it on.........

I must say I like the original better, but lets see how it looks on, I'll get a photo this afternoon.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pink Spring Sweater Done?

Well, I thought I was done with the sweater, but my DH feels it is a bit short for his little lady, so I am adding another 2 inches (or so) to the bottom. Will post photo when complete. But for today here are the details.

Pattern: Top Down Raglan with various stitch styles.

Yarn: Reynolds Saucy in Pink

Needles: US7 for majority of the sweater, US5 for finishing edges.