Monday, May 18, 2009

Spring Bags, new size!

First I want to thank everyone for the well wishes for the Dance Recital. It went quite well. The little girls were little ballerinas! Catherine remembered to smile and Sarah was ever so serious. They both performed perfectly. We were not allowed to photograph during the performance, but we did get a few after the show shots.

They were so very pleased, and can you believe they asked to have Pizza for dinner. Then they spent the evening dancing throughout the house. Too cute. They are both wearing their butterfly clips in their hair today. Catherine is wearing her costume under her sundress to school today :-)

Here are the new Spring Line of Bags. Although I personally love my small bags, I have had many requests to make larger bags. So here we are (approximately 11inches by 9 inches, with 9.5 inch zipper opening and 2.5inch base). I hope they are perfectly right for everyone. Oooh and do you know what I like most about this size (for me)? Well, whenever I pack my luggage for a trip, I always hate to just put my undergarments in the suitecase. It gives me an icky unclean feeling, well, these bags are perfect for packing those unmentionables for my trips! The fun patterns have me all excited for my coming trip to Spain in June.

And now for a visit from Max
See that fun toy? Grandma brought it for Max and it has lasted all of 3 days before he was able to start shredding it. He is definitely a puppy in a big dogs body. LOL
"OK, if I must pose for a picture, this is the best you are going to get, I must chew the stick!)


Anonymous said...

The girls are just soo cute!! Max isn't bad either. LOL So when is the Spain trip?

Chrsitine said...

CUTE dog, girls, and bags. I grabbed one of the bags - can I have the dog, too? (you can keep the girls - I have one of those of my own - one girl is ENOUGH!)

pat said...

OMG - the girls are beautiful - what precious photos! I love that Catherine wore hers to school as an undergarment!
Wonderful batch of bags!

Jeanne said...

Very cute ballerinas! Love the new bags...I was eyeing them up today!

Ann said...

Your girls are gorgeous! Your bags look great. I also pack my underwear in a bag when I travel.

..... Carmen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today :) All the socks on your page are making me drool - gorgeous gorgeous! I finished my Rogue Roses last night, just in time for 'The Fraggles' to arrive. Can't wait!

Cinnamonamon said...

How graceful & sweet -- I remember my own ballet days fondly! Love the bags can keep your doggie, as sweet as he is -- I can hardly keep up with taking care of my kitties! ;)