Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I celebrated my birthday in Spain this year....I'll get to that in a post soon....I promise (chuckle). It was wonderful, sunny, dry and hot.
When I returned from my trip my friend Christy sent me a wonderful gift. She sent me these 4 beads. They are gorgeous, just the right size and weight for stitch markers. They are made by Glory Bead Glass Studio and are as lovely in real life as in her photos. I have made myself this gorgeous set of stitch markers and I plan to work with her to make stitch markers to go with my bags in my etsy shop. What FUN!
And this photo is my new yarn acquisition, it is a yarn called Woobu in colorway Footzey Foo.
It is a Blue Moon Fiber Arts Yarn that is 60% Merino and 40% Bambu. It feels wonderful against the skin, is soft and luxurious and I don't know yet what I will make with it.

The first photo is taken without the flash and is most representative of the skein. The second is taken with the flash and shows a bit of the sheen of the Bambu. Lovely isn't it. Now to knit a swatch and watch how it knits up.


Anonymous said...

Those are so cute. you did a great job with them.

Jeanne said...

Gorgeous stitch markers and gorgeous yarn!

Pat said...

Pretty pretty beads - Christy found a treasure!
Can't wait to see what you do with the Woobu!

Holly said...

What a wonderful gift and put to such good use.

Ann said...

Happy belated birthday. The stitch markers look great.