Friday, October 16, 2009

Just for Giggles

I made the comment "My craft/guest room is overflowing with yarn. The challenge was given "I'd like to see pictures of this craft room.
Well, here you go. It's not alot compared to some people I hear talk, but it is more than I can handle.

That table is my scrap booking table and the large basket usually sits under it.
The big basket is filled with all sorts of yarn, mostly worsted weight, some singles and some enough for sweaters. The teddy bear basket has the skeins for Shalor. The small basket is filled with singles of worsted weights for hats/mittens. The chilli bowl box is filled with left over sock yarn.
This is the top shelf of the closet, the basket has yarn for 2 sweaters. Under that the bin contains cotton yarns for sweaters. On the top right is skeins for the little girl bulky cardigan I am making and the 2 bins below contain sock yarn (the one one top is Cherry Tree Hill).

This 2 drawer is sitting on the floor of the closet and contains mostly yarns for sweaters....lots.

And this shelf is just chock full of sock yarn. It is hard to see, but there are 2 balls on top shelf waiting to be knit, the basket on the right of those contains sport weight yarns. 2 shelves down in the pouch behind the pinecone is another sweater waiting to be completed. and the overflowing basket below is all finger weight yarns.

OK, maybe I shouldn't go to Rhinebeck tomorrow!
Off to knit RIGHT NOW!
feeling ashamed


Trisha said...

Thanks for sharing a picture of your yarn stash. Fun to see!

Anonymous said...

That really isn't bad. I like the shiny horses.

..... Carmen said...

I'm surprised that most of it is sweater yarn, not sock yarn! My stash is stragetically placed throughout the house so my hubby doesn't think I have as much as I do ;)