Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Needed a "break"

It seems that after doing a bigger project I need to do something small, like doll clothes. Quick turn-around feels good and increases self confidence. Especially since I like to see a finished product fast. My neighbor is having a baby boy soon, so I thought, lets knit a quick sweater. Well, I got going on the sweater (of course converted to circular knitting) and was having so much fun I blew by the arm holes and then by the neck shaping, until I realized that I had better stop. Instead of worrying about what to do with my lovely tube, I decided to steek everything. It looks SO adorable. The photo (in production) does not give it justice. I have steeked and finished the neck and one arm hole. The other arm hole to be done at Karate tonight. With this ultra warm weather we are having I also decided to nix the sleeves and make it a vest. I thinks it's so cute. Oops it really is a sloppy photo!
Oh and this has taken me all of 2 days!!!! Feels great.

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