Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Done and I love it.

I finished Sarah's sweater. I think it looks great. She has worn it a few times already. She asked that I not put sleeves on, I said OK! Come fall I will add the sleeves on, as it is more practical. But right now capped sleeves are working.

The steeking went just fine! here are a couple of photos. One prior to steeking and the next steeked and cut.
Note the cute lady bug buttons, chosen by Sarah herself. I think tomorrow will be a day to start Catherine's version of the above sweater.
You know what is funny about this sweater? Since I knit it from the top down, the "flowers" are upside down. This is supposed to be knit from bottom up. Gee I wonder, can I knit from bottom up all one piece in the round? I think I will try that with Catherine's. At least her color blobs might look like flowers, but I will be certain to mess something else up as I experiment with a new (to me) technique.


pat said...

You are so GOOD - I love this little vest - the colorwork at the bottom is beautiful and the red edging gives it a perfect touch - not to mention the cute bug buttons - I can't believe how much you are knitting!!!
and what a lucky little baby boy getting your next sweater - did you get the armhole done at karate??

Linda said...

No not at karate, wanted to concentrate and ended up chatting too much. Finished the armhole today and started a matching hat. Wanted to use up the rest of the bits. By the way the baby sweater was all done with scraps. The blue left over from my V-neck. Lucky boy getting a cotton/silk sweater. Although the rest is mercerized cotton, it is still nice and soft.