Saturday, June 2, 2007

Socks are a lot of work!

I have finished a couple of pairs of socks for my girls. They are small and went relatively fast, but still I felt it was a lot of work for something so small. The girls love them! I finished 2 pair of sockotta. 1 with a short row heel and another with a nicely worked heel. It looks nice and fits well. Thanks to Pat who led me to these instructions:

I was a bit dissapointed in the sockotta yarn, as the first time they were washed, the colors got washed out. They look much less vibrant. I don't know if you can see that in the photo, but it is obvious. And notice the different heels. The ones on the right look more "finished" I think.

Then I made a pair using Lorna's laces sock yarn that I found at the Fiber Loft in Harvard, MA. The yarn felt wonderful to work with, so soft. And made a lovely pair of socks. Wish they were mine!
I discovered something else dissapointing. I had purchased a size 2 needle (addi turbo) for too much money, but I wanted to try socks, so it didn't matter. Then when I bought the Lorna's yarn, I bought another size 2 needle (Inox). Well, I discovered that the Addi is actually a 3mm and the inox is a 2.5mm. Although I preferred making the socks on the 2.5mm I like the addi needles better (because the yarn slides around easier). My dissapointment lies in that I thought a 3mm needle was a us size 3 needle. Oh well. live and learn and remember to read the fine print!

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pat said...

Addi size 1 is 2.5mm ...I'm guessing 3mm might be pretty big for Lorna's Laces?? I use 2.25 for socks unless it's heavier yarn then 2.5 or 2.75. Knitpicks has inexpensive pointy slippery Addi-like needles much cheaper and I just found another place to get wonderful circulars - every size and length in the World and they are inexpensive and great . Here is the link...
click ahead a few pages to the longer ones.
I'm knitting a Sockotta pair right now and it feels like I'm knitting with string - yuck- give me Lorna's Laces anyday!