Thursday, July 26, 2007

First Blocking experience

I have finished the shell of the white summer cardigan. When I tried it on, though, it was TINY. I guess with all the ribbing, I will have to block it. So my first attempts seemed to work OK. I pinned the sweater to the ironing board and sprayed with cold water. Looks better, but I think it still turned out alittle on the small side. (Actually after comparing it with the pattern photo, it is definately small.....I'll still wear it though). Check out the ribbing photo, isn't it pretty? Now it is time to pick up stiches and start working the sleeves.

Pattern: Katia Twist Jacket (pattern no longer available on-line)

Modifications: 1. worked as one peice instead of 3.

2. Finished shoulders with kitchener stitch.

3. Work both sleeves together on one circular needle.

Yarn: Reynolds Saucy White, 100% Cotton, Worsted weight

Needles: Denise Circular #7

1 comment:

pat said...

socks too big/ sweater too small - Isn't knitting a crapshoot??
The white ribbed cardigan is beautiful - you wouldn't want it all big and sloppy for summer!