Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'm Back and Finally finished my Socks

Wow, what a wonderful trip; chock full of fun and driving. We all really enjoyed ourselves. The girls especially liked the caves and caverns. They are like sponges in learning new things. We had fun and an education too. And the most fun they had was the time spent with their cousins in Mississippi!! Which was the goal of our trip.
My girls also enjoyed going on the rides at Hershey Park, and meeting my college roommate Cindy. They hit it off quite well and we all had a really nice day! Sarah said, "I like Cindy, she's cudly!" :-) Too sweet.

When that was over we did a long weekend trip in New York City with the family, to celebrate my husbands 40th. Had a blast! But now all I want to do is sleep, rest and maybe knit. I didn't get much knitting done on the trips, but I did finally finish the socks.
Of course, they are not very good. Unfortunately the pattern, which would be gorgeous, is lost in the multi-colored yarn I ended up using. There are a few mistakes on the foot, and then I ran out of the brown and had to end the toe with a new yarn, they even feel a bit big....but, that could be the result of using 100% cotton on the foot. All said and done, I will still wear them! And I am not completely dissillusioned, I will try another pair of socks......My wonderful Mom bought me a bunch of sock yarn in a yarn store in Memphis! (and I added a few too). I am going to start a sock using the Regia Bamboo next. And I want to finish my summer white sweater. Which is a long way from done....maybe 1/3 the way there?


pat said...

Sounds like a wonderful road trip! Our next trip (at least for now) is in August (August 10-18) so maybe we can see each other before then sometime!
Your mosaic socks are pretty - I like the white toes! and your new sock yarn is beautiful! As you can tell from my blog, I had a minor blogging/knitting meltdown, but I'm back at a more reasonable pace and all is well.

Carrie said...

Yummy sock yarn!