Monday, March 24, 2008

Ooh la la - lots to show

Lots of things to show! Had fun taking photos today :-)
Where should I start? Hmmmmm.....
Let's start with Mom's sweater. It has taken me almost a year to complete this sweater. Between learning from mistakes, learning in general, frogging, and just plain discipline to finish, it is done. I love it. The yarn has a wonderful drape, and completely softened up upn washing. The cables relaxed and it has nice clean stitch definition. The zipper installation is not as "perfect" as I would have liked, but certainly not bad, not bad at all. Enjoy the photos, my models (my daughters) enjoyed showing off this sweater.
Pattern: My own (mostly) with ideas from here and there.

Yarn: Peer Gynt color #228 (brown)

Needles: US 10 1/2 Denise Circular

Contruction: Top-down Raglan, steeked zipper, cables, etc.

Started: Last April, one of my very first sweaters (started knitting in February 2007).

Pattern: Urchin by Ysolda Teague in Knitty

Yarn: Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Chunky

Needle: US 11 Denise Circular

Great Pattern, hat fits my daughter quite well, but is too small for me. I'll try again with a bulkier yarn next time.

The new Socks that Rock, Rockin' Sock Club Yarn, called Lucky. And look how beautifully it knits up!!!!!

Pattern: Just a basic Hat, no pattern

Yarn: Some scraps I picked up on sale at my LYS that is simply fabulous!

Needles : US8 KP Harmony 16" circular.

Construction: cast on 80 sts using alternate rib cast on (using a crochet hook makes it easier!) K1xP1 for 5 rows knit rest of hat as follows. Knit colorA for 20sts, Add color b and knit for 20 sts, add color c etc. Then knit a spiralling color stripe. Great, fantastic process I found at Grumperina. Check it out!

And last but not least:

These are not complete, but they are a test knit for Jeanie Townsend. It is called the Wedding Ring Quilt Socks and are still under test at this time. But you can see her other patterns at her Yahoo site here. I believe next months sock challenge lists knitting a Jean Townsend Sock.

I hope all of this has been fun to read and look at, it has been too much work for me to blog, but it is always worth it to have a log of what I am doing, and always fun to share it with my friends.


bmom said...

Those all look terrific. That sweater looks like it was a lot of work -- but worth it. Having so many FOs is quite an accomplisment.

Anonymous said...

Love the sweater fro your mom, great job.

I also like the chunky tweed hat. It is fun to use up leftovers.

Got to love that feeling of finishing. ;0)

pat said...

WOW - you are amazing!! I hope I get to see some of these things soon. Is it too late to make a coffee date this morning?

Cinnamonamon said...

Wow! What a bunch of great projects! The Wedding Ring Quilt socks are interesting -- it's a really neat idea. :) Love the Urchin (which I'm more tempted to knit now that I've seen it in the yarn you chose), and the Grumperina hat -- is that like a "helix?" design? I've wanted to try that -- it seems like a fun way to do a stripy hat.

And your Mom's sweater!! What a wonderful piece of pretty, solid & heirloom knitting. I bet she'll wear it for years. :)

Now the STR, it's just plain terrible! If I were you I'd just toss it away...I guess you could send it to me & I'd find *something* to do with it...just to be helpful, ya know... ;) lol

I know blogging takes a lot of time sometimes, but I'm always happy when I see you have a new entry. Your daughters are too cute, by the way! Love the pink boots ;)

Anonymous said...

My gal-pals had so many comments of praise for you when I showed off my new cardigan the other eve. when we got together!!! MOM.