Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Kid's Capelet II

This one for Sarah. She really does love it, she was just trying to look like "a model".
Also it was cold this morning, thus the layering, I hope to get another photo soon, but them kids are so fast sometimes. :-)
Pattern : improvised
Yarn: Tahki Bunny Print (on sale at WEBS) in pinks (#023)
Needles: US9 Denise circular
Construction: Child with 22” chest.
CO 44sts (48 is better as it is evenly divisible by 12).
Join in the round and garter for ~1”.
Increase 12 sts every other round until you have 144sts around.
Continue till you run out of yarn or to desired length.
Do a few rows in garter and bind off.
I think it might work even better if you decrease a handful of stitches the row prior to the garter row. This should reduce the flaring, as garter stitches are usually wider than stockingnet. I will do that next time!

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Cinnamonamon said...

Another sweet girl...and caplet! that yarn looks to be the perfect varigated -- great distribution of color but no pooling. :)