Saturday, April 5, 2008

Kid's Capelet

Working my way up to doing some full size sweaters. It's been a while and the yarn is starting to burn a whole in the closet (so to speak).
Pattern: Improvised. Details shared below
Yarn: Mondial Levante (on sale at WEBS) 3 balls
Needles: US7 16" circular
Construction: worsted weight yarn, child with 22” chest.
CO 60, join in round and knit ~ 1” stockingnet.
Increase 10sts every alternate round spacing evenly.
Until 260sts around.
Knit till almost out of yarn (or desired length) , garter rows and bind off.
Could probably have not made it quite so wide, maybe 200sts around? One doesn’t know without trying, but she won’t let me frog, “No Mommy I like it the way it is!”. So it is hers as is.


Anonymous said...

I love the capelet !!! MOM

Manise said...

Very cute! A top down?

Cinnamonamon said... sweet! I think it looks perfect! :)