Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's a bird, it's an owl, No it's a Hawk

At first, from quite a distance I was excited to see an owl. Then I got out the camera and zoomed in as close as I could.....
And discovered it's a Hawk (I think).

Finished a pair of Socks for January

I call them Wine Spills, as the pooling looks like someone (probably me) spilled wine on them.
Pattern: Queen of Cups by Nathania Apple
Yarn: ShiBui Knits Sock yarn in color #229
Needles: One US1 circular needle, two at a time
Notes: I did the cuff as a k1 x p1 ribbing. The pattern is great fun to knit. I never got bored with them. All in all a cute pair of socks.


Trisha said...

I always get excited when your blog pops up on my Google Reader. It means Linda probably finished another pair of socks. And I never tire of your finished socks!

Manise said...

Yes that is a hawk! A red-tailed hawk. I get those here too. Cool socks.

Short Time Obsessions said...

Like Trisha I too am very excited when I see you've given us a new post. You always have interesting things to show us.

I just started my first pair of socks and can't wait to learn how to do two at a time, as well as toe up. Any suggestions on where to read up on learning that would be wonderful and appreciated.

And I think that the wine color is just beautiful, nice and rich.

Walden said...

Lovely in-flight picture! Socks look nice too! :)

pat said...

Your Wine Spills are gorgeous and it looks like you are also becoming a nature photographer! We had a hawk swoop down and grab a little bird feeding right by our door yesterday - the boys were screaming and when I got there it freaked out, grabbed what was left of the bird in its talons and flew away - the hawks are out in force in Hudson this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Bet you thought I wouldn't comment. ;0) Well google didn't like my password anymore I had to change it. Hawks are so fun. Last winter we saw it catch a little red squirrel and then again is caught a dove. There were feathers and blood everywhere. Part of God's creation. ;0)

Ann said...

Another pair of gorgeous socks. I love the color !