Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's a Secret

Max at 18 weeks old.

Max at 11 weeks old.
Can you believe how much they grow in 2 months? He is already almost 3 times as big as when we brought him home. But he is certainly handsome! He is a joyful addition to our family. And after having made leaps and bounds with training him, he seems to be fitting in wonderfully. He has a wonderfully strong personality which really shows when he is trying to figure out "where he stands" with everyone. But once established, he has been fun. He is even calming down a bit now, where the girls can (finally) hug him. Funny how we think the puppy is so cute and cuddly, and all the puppy wants to do is bite play as though you were another puppy. Now at almost 20weeks of age, max still likes to mouth, but he also likes to be rubbed and cuddled.

He has adopted Catherine's bean bag chair as his own.

And he love Sam Adams....well the heavy cardboard boxes anyway. Just like children, boxes are his favorite toy.

And here we have the secret. I am designing a cardigan. Love this patterning! And the yarn is gorgeous as well. I have gotten requests for me to write up the pattern for my Blue Cardigan, but instead I am going to create a brand new one. I will post details in the future. Right now, this is just a tease.


laura said...

ADORABLE!!! good thing you're training early too.

your new buddy is so sweet to look at. especially on his throne. hehe

Anonymous said...

He looks like trouble. I like trouble, that is why I homeschool. the teaser is nice and I am intriqued. I so miss having a dog.

Cinnamonamon said...

What a (not so) little sweetie! I love the patterns you're writing -- it's great that you're able to put it all together into a nice pattern. :)