Monday, March 9, 2009

New Pathways Fun

Well, I quickly read my new book and knit up 2 pair of socks. What a fun book with new ideas and a great learning tool for me. I always love learning new things!
This pair was made for my daughter Sarah.
Pattern: Bartholomew's Tantalizing.
Yarn: Lorna's Laces in Happy Valley, one skein
Needles: US1 (2.25mm) KP 40" circular
Notes: I love the linen stitch, I will use it again!
These are a cuff down architecture. The gusset increases are done within the pattern on the front of the leg. Quite clever.
Then, the heel turn is done first with the heel flap being done on the bottom which I found quite interesting. The slipped stitch flap is nice and cushioning on the bottom of the foot, but Sarah does not like them because they are too floppy on the back of the heel. When I do another cuff down pattern, I will add a slipped stitch section to the back of the heel. This would add some cushiony comfort as well as holding the sock in place. As it is now, it slips down on the foot way to easily.

Pattern: Jeweled Steps.
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Socks that Rock in Lightweight. A mill end, so I don't know the color, but they are lovely, and perfect for a February yarn, reminding me of chocolate and raspberry candies.
Needles: US0 (2.0mm) 40" circular
Notes: The simple pattern really allows for showing off the variegated yarn.
I did Whirlpool Toe, which is quite lovely, The gusset increases are done on one side only, causing the pattern to move across the foot. Quite clever again.

Now for some updated photos of Max:
Max and Sarah about 2 weeks ago.Max's new toy. He is funny, he prefers to bring the ball back to "his place" rather than to me.

Not in the mood for a photo shoot with Catherine, notice the juvenile tongue sticking out.


Pat said...

The pic of Max and Sarah is SOOOOO cute!!!

Walden said...

Max is absolutely adorable!

Ann said...

The socks look great. I also knitted the Jewel Steps & love it. But I find the instructions in the book too tedious as I prefer to knit socks with minimum instructions so that I can bring it everywhere.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful socks! Max is cute, and the picture with Sarah is adorable...

Christine said...

Cute socks - but guess what? Max is cuter! (and Sarah, too!)

Cinnamonamon said...

Way cute pics of Max (and Sarah!! lol). Can't decide if I like the linen stitch socks or the 2nd pair better...both are great, I guess! ;)

I'm ashamed to admit I still haven't knit a pair of socks from that book -- my friend has borrowed it and knit 3 pair! lol

Anonymous said...

I have to remember if I ever meet Max to not lick him lick my face.
;0) Bummer because I like doggie kisses.

He and Sara are so cute.