Monday, April 23, 2007

I wanted to share a wonderful experience I had last week. While visiting my Mom in NJ we went to "check out" a yarn shop. We went to Majestic Yarns in Ridgewood, NJ. We had so much fun! Berta Karapetyan owns this shop along with one in NY. If anyone is familiar with who Berta is will see my enjoyment of this trip. She has recently released a new book, "Runway Knits" and had a signing event. Of course I bought a book (my first ever knitting book) and had it signed. Then I bought a truckload (slight exaggeration) of the most beautiful yarn I have come accross in my short time as a knitter (3 months). The Karabella Yarns (founded by Berta) are fabulous, and also quite expensive. But so far I think the quality is worth the price.

Berta is a really neat lady and I enjoyed talking with her and look forward to going back there again. I was also quite pleased at her complimentary comments on my knitting ability. Certainly boosted my ego a notch.

By the way there are some gorgeous patterns in her book and I am so looking forward to knitting more than one! But first I want to finish the tank I have started. I am making the Terrain V-Neck in a bright blue (my all time favorite color) and the yarn is knitting up fabulously. It is 50% cotton/50% silk and knitting 2 strands together. Can't wait to show it off.

The only problem I have now is I have broken my own rule....."I have a stash"!!!!! Ahhhhh.
I promised myself that I would not do it, but now I had to consolidate my quilting stash to make room for my knitting stash. Well, better get knitting and use up some of this yarn!

Happy knitting.

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Pat said...

Yay!! You fixed it....Congratulations on the new blog - you look like a pro already!!