Monday, April 30, 2007

Finally finished

I have finally finished the V-neck, and I must say I am not thrilled. I fixed up the loopies on the neck line and it looks fine, but for some reason the top has a twist. Which is going to drive me nuts. The yarn feels great, but the top also turned out a bit large (I think). And I would have liked a deeper cut in the V.

I don't know anything about putting pieces together, so at this point I avoid it at all costs. Maybe this time to my peril. I did have to attach the shoulders. I worked the top from bottom up (as per instructions), but I did it in the round to avoid side piecing. Maybe that is why I have a twist? I'll have to do some reading to see if anyone else has had this sort of problem.

Otherwise it is a lovely top!
Note: 8/14/07 I Love this top. It has a wonderful drape, is cool even in the most hot and humid weather! And yes the twist does bug me a bit, but I have gotten used to it, since I just love to wear this all the time. I think now that the twist is due to knitting in the round as well as the fact that I knit so very tightly. I am working on that though.

And here I finished a quicky. I used some bulky tweed I got on sale to make a birthday gift for a friend. Her birthday is in October, so good timing. But I love the sweater and will have a hard time parting with it! I did a basic top down circular raglan pattern, but incorporated a broken rib neck, waist and wrist, as well as a cable (my first) down the sleeves. I love it!

And now for my new project. My girls need a basic cardigan and I love this pattern. Of course I am changing the colors and converting it to a top down raglan circular pattern. Then I will steek the front and knit the button rib. Ooh more experiments! I love it.
And lastly I have been working on a sweater for my mother. No photos yet, but soon. This one will take me a while, but that is OK she won't need it till fall.


pat said...

The blue V neck is lovely and the fit looks perfect from here..goes in nicely at the waist- I can see the twist (I have no answers as to why it did that?? could it be the twist of the yarn??), but it doesn't look that noticeable to me - did you try to block it out??
You are passing me on your sweater expertise that's for sure.
Your friend is lucky to get the beautiful Tweed pullover!!! What a nice gift! And the girls' cardigans will be wonderful too - I've never steeked anything, so I'll be watching!! I cannot believe all the sweaters you are making....If I'm lucky I make 1 or 2 a year!! I have the sleeves done on the green cotton cable sweater and the front and back are done to the armholes, but it is in a pile by the bed just staring at me while I knit socks.

Linda said...

You are too generous with your compliments, you are definately worlds ahead of me in your quality and ability. I think I am always in too much of a hurry to finish and see what I've got.