Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Recently finished projects

Just wanted to take a minute to post some of my recently finished projects, at least the ones I am proud of :-)

First is a Berroco Zuzu pattern made with SWTC Bamboo. I love it, the drape is perfect, it is comfortable and my husband likes that it is a little short at the belly (accidental but good).

Next are tank tops made for my girls with matching tanks for their American Girl dolls. They look great on too.

Now back to my blue v-neck tank, must finish!

Note: 8/14/07. The Bamboo top is stretching in length. It is no longer short, but just right although the sleeve holes have also gotten larger (almost x-rated now). And the Bamboo does not breath well in hot humid weather, otherwise this is one of my summer favorites. Next; the tank tops were made from Elan Sonata, and they have washed and worn wonderfully! I wash these like all the other kids clothing (fast & warm) and dry in the dryer and they still look good as new!

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Pat said...

The Zuzu tank looks really pretty and definitely not TOO short....perfect! Can't wait to see the blue V neck!
NOW - you need to put your pictures right in the blog post itself so that people can click on the picture and it will enlarge. As I recall (with my very limited blogger skills)when you are writing your new post, you need to click on the little icon that looks like a landscape picture on the top right - that brings up a window that lets you put a picture into the post - they automatically resize it for you and then when someone clicks on it - the picture will enlarge so the viewer can see details. If that wasn't clear - let me know and I will explain it more via email....