Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another gift Done.

I Love these socks. They were so much fun to make that I look forward to making another pair for ME! As my husband says "It's all about you isn't it?" Ummmm Yeah! Except when it is all about the kids, oh yeah and you too. LOL. It is funny how children come into our lives and just take over, absorbing all of our energy, love, thoughts etc. Then I found knitting. I do quite a bit of knitting for my kids, but mostly knitting IS all about me. Well, I digress - back to the socks at hand.
Yarn: KnitPicks Essential Tweed in colors Inca Gold and Flint.
Needles: One 2.5mm HiyaHiya 40" circular steel
Construction: Mostly followed the pattern, but changing colors for toe, heel and cuff. I also used my new favorite bind-off for a nice looking, stretchy cuff, the Kitchener cast off. Also called the Tubular Bind Off.
These are a matching gift for the lovely friend who is also getting the Endpaper Mitts. And the yarn went along way! I still have plenty left over for another pair of socks!
I wanted to do more Christmas knitting, but I think I am out of time, I am hopping on a plane for the UK in just 2 weeks. Although I think I will make a pair of Fetching and see if I think my Sister-in-law might like them, that would then be a nice little under the tree gift.
I also need to download some more books for my flight, any suggestions on good reads lately?
Have to share one funny comment: My daughter said " Ooh Mommy I like these, but I don't like the bubbly colors, can you make mine with just the brown one?" I must say I am not crazy about the tweedy look either. I loved working with the essential yarn, and have more to use, but I won't be tempted to buy more of the tweed style.


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda!
Great socks! I like them a lot, they are so colorful!

When are you coming to UK?

Anonymous said...


Cinnamonamon said...

Love the socks! I'm back & forth with the tweedy look. I think it all depends on *what colors* the flecks are... You're going to the UK? Awesome!