Sunday, December 9, 2007

Blue Tweed Cardigan Done

I LOVE this sweater. Came out just right. Cozy, snuggly, warm and layerable. Just need to figure out how to tack down the bottom of the zipper. There is a heavy plastic on the zip and I can't get a needle through it. And I'm afraid to break a needle on the machine trying...but I will try later anyway. Just had to get this photographed ASAP. I think this will be a FAV and will be worn and worn and worn. It is already slated as the sweater of the trip to the UK coming up.

Pattern: Used ideas from various patterns, but basically "winged" it.

Yarn: Rowan Yarkshire Tweed Chunky (bought 8 balls but only used 6)

Needles: US11 for body and US9 for cuffs and collar. (Denise interchangeables)

Construction: Top Down Raglan to fit.

For the Zipper installation I referred to this tutorial. But the "key" is to wash, block and baste together the two halves before placing and pinning the zipper for installation.


Anonymous said...

Lovely!! as you said; just right for trip to U.K. Don't have any knowhow or advice reg'/zipper.Some Norviegen knitter might be able to help you. Love, MOM.

marcy said...

NICE job! Fits like a dream! can't wait to see it at our next meeting!!

Pat said...

Oh Linda - It is beautiful!! and in the blow up picture the zipper looks perfect!
I bet you will wear this one all the time!
If we get a school delay tomorrow, it will throw our Ariba date off...maybe it will just be rain...

Cinnamonamon said...

LOVE the sweater! And your socks look so toasty warm. :)

Anonymous said...

That is a really nice sweater.