Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Even on the internet it can be a "Small World afterall"

I was searching for tutorials on the net for sewing in a zipper on a knitted sweater. I stumbled here, which then made me curious to learn more about this blog. So I went to the home page: Getting Stitched on the Farm, and saw that she is having a book launch. So of course I want a chance to win some yarn, and sent off an e-mail. Then as I read more I found that she grew up in Northern NJ (as did I) and now resides in MA (as do I). Pretty cool Eh? Oops the "Eh" is a left over from my time in Canada :-).

Go on over and check out the book launch. The book is Kristin Knits.


marcy said...

book junkie that i am, i already own it and love it!!! KN has suck great ideas and color sense, huh?

Linda said...

I pick and choose my books carefully, but this just might make the buy list.