Friday, December 14, 2007

The Joy of Giving.....

Thank you a friend to knit with, I needed that reminder to just calm down and enjoy the season. I am stressed about gifts, stressed about packing, stressed about making my flight at 8am Sunday morning with a NorEaster scheduled to pummel us through the night. But I really should remember : Peace, Love and Joy!

And this made me remember Karate night. My girls LOVE to give gifts! And they enjoy giving candy. Like we all need more candy at Christmas (ha ha ha). Karate night, the girls brought a gift bag for their Sensei and a bag for his assistant Corrinne. They adore Corrinne. Well, I snuck into the bag a $10 bill (no biggie) BUT she just lit up with delight. Her smile, cheer and thankfulness was worth much more than that ten dollar bill. So I would like to add to Peace, Love and Joy.......Giving. Giving feels soooo good, definately better than receiving.

So I am going to take all these warm and fuzzy feelings on the plane to the UK. I am going to miss you all (as my in-laws still don't have internet access) and will catch up when I return in 2 weeks.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to all!


Pat said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for your tomorrow!
Have a great trip!

Cinnamonamon said...

Merry Christmas, Linda!! Wishing you a safe & happy journey & visit! :)