Thursday, January 10, 2008

Spring in January?

We had bitter cold weather and then suddenly quite warm weather. The fat squirrel even found something to eat. I think what is happening, is the land is getting ready for some more snow. We had an incredible amount of snow this December, now it is all melting, in preparation for more snow.
With that in mind, I have finished a belated Christmas gift. Mom asked for some warm winter socks and I tackled the Tyrolean Stockings. They are wonderful. cozy, warm and really nice looking too. They were so much fun to knit, I can't wait to start another pair! But this time.....really now.....I must finish at least one of the other 2 pair of socks I have on needles (lol).

Pattern : Tyrolean Stockings by Ann Budd
Yarn : Knit Picks Swish Superwash in color Copper.
Needle : 3.00 mm Addi Turbo 40" circular. Two socks on one needle. This worked fine until I got to the foot, where I needed to re-arrange some stitches. This can't be addressed ahead of time, as the division from sole to instep occurs in the middle of the 4st cables on either side. No problemo, I have plenty of needles to help me with this.
This was a quick knit. Despite the full leg length, it is knitted using a worsted weight yarn.


Cinnamonamon said...

Ooohh -- those look great! Can't wait to get to these. :) Isn't it weird weather we're having? A couple nights ago we had our second tornado watch/warning in our area this winter! My poor MIL had to traverse her stairs with a crutch when she heard the sirens going off.

Pat said...

I love that side shot with the increases visible!
Gorgeous socks - your Mom is going to love them!

Running Knitter said...

Those socks are gorgeous! Yay for quick knits. :)