Sunday, June 29, 2008

DYO Done

These socks were really difficult to photograph. It was hard to capture the colors and the lovely pink and gray striping. It was also tough to capture the sock design, but trust me I like them, they are lovely.
Pattern: My own design (not planned though)
Yarn: J.Knits superwash me sock - color AC#142
Needles: US1 (2.25mm) circular
Construction: Started as a k2xp1 rib. I did not like the yarn knitted as a rib so decided to slowly reduce the ribbing and viola a fun pair of socks designed by me.

One the left you see the heel and the back of the leg, on the right is the front of the leg. I really was looking for a tulip design, but this was fun and fast anyway!


TLC said...

Beautiful! And amazing job designing your own sock! You finish a lot of socks. Are they all WIPs that you have had for a while or do you really start and finish a pair so quickly? You post a lot of finished socks!!

Anonymous said...

I like how the heels suddenly look like boxes. Great socks!

Jill L said...

Beautiful socks!

Ann said...

The socks look great & you are so clever to come up with the design. I really like how the rib was reduced to a center pattern on the foot - great job. You should write up the design.