Thursday, April 2, 2009

Project Bags and Stitch Markers

I love to make things, and I love to make people happy! I would also love to give everything away, but if I want to make more, I need to cover my costs. Therefore; to make as many people as happy as I can, I am offering my Sock Project Bags and Small Knit Stitch Markers for sale here.
Sock Project Bags:
100% cotton sock project bags.
Holds 2 center pull balls and project in progress. Each has a different lining and zipper color. Each has an emergency stitch marker doubling as a zipper pull.
All measure approximately: 5 inches high
7 inches wide (side to side)
2 inches bottom width.

Please see side panel for more photos.

Each sells for $10 US plus shipping

Small Knit Stitch Markers:
Each set of 4 markers is unique as I pick up beads in states and countries as I travel. For example the set in this photo were purchased at The Sassy Bead Market in Ottawa Canada on the same day and market area that President Obama was shopping.
Each set contains 4 markers with one marker being different to indicate the start of a round. Markers are lightweight so as not to weigh down small projects like socks. Each ring fits up to a size US8 needle.
For more photos see the side panel.
Each set of 4 markers is $6 US plus shipping

I have just opened an Etsy store, but this is all new to me, so please be patient!
Feel free to comment or e-mail me for more information.


Ann said...

Congratulations on opening an etsy store. The beads on your stitch markers look great. I have to go & check out your store now.

pat said...

Woohoo - you're a store owner :-)
Have Fun!

PS - I took a picture of my beautiful Cookie bag/sock today - I'll get it up soon...