Saturday, September 8, 2007

Blur Bolero for Mackenzie complete.

Well, here it is done. It is really cute, although it is too big for one of my models here, I think it will fit Mackenzie nicely. Do you like the personal touch in the middle front? The wider band of knitting is positioned just right, and a cute little button could be put there....Hmmm I think I will do that as soon as I'm done with this blog (although a shower might be a higher priority).

Pattern: Blur Children's Boleros Sirdar #2198 (from The Knitting Zone).
Yarn: Blur, #714 Pink
Needles: US Sizes 10 & 7
Construction: Followed pattern (with 2 extra rows of knit/purl) Ok ok, I'll admit it, I put this down so that I could finish my white cardi, and when I came back I misjudged what row I was on, and ended up with 2 extra rows.....happy now? :-)

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pat said...

Stick with your story - you did it on purpose! I like the button space!