Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lace Cuff socks done, and a big hit

Too Cute!
I finished the Lace Cuff socks and they are a big hit already. Sarah is wearing them to school today. Although I made this pair for Catherine, she felt they were too floppy around the foot and (being very foot sensitive) does not want to wear them. Well, since I still have half the yarn left, I will make another pair; smaller around the foot.

These are made with KnitPicks Pallete in Lilac. And although I was not sure about the yarn at the start, they knit a lovely fabric. I will use this yarn again! I used a 2.25mm circular needle, knitting 2 at once, from cuff down.

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pat said...

Oh - she looks adorable!! I wish you had picked up the kids today so I could have seen them on her! Beautiful lace socks (so much prettier in a solid!!)