Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What a Gorgeous Day!

All is well....after a while, Catherine decided she wanted some ice cream and she was all smiles the rest of the day. Amazing what a little ice cream (for her) and a single malt scotch (for me) will do! Then add in some sushi (must have soft foods to eat) for dinner, with ice cream (again?) for desert and a really goods night rest and all is well today!

I have been working on my Mom's sweater as well as the Lace Cuff socks. They are sooo cute. I am doing the size small so they will fit my daughter, and although they were a bit tight to get on, they did fit me for the photo. I am also awaiting the next Mystery Sock clue, and I have started the Firestarter socks. Although I don't have any red yarn on hand, I have a Lorna's laces in browns (Safari) that was just dying to get on needles.

Today is a busy day, with food shopping, kids karate and school open house, so I better squeeze in a little more knitting on this lovely day of sunshine.

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pat said...

I just got back from a nice walk and the rest of my day will be busy too! The purple socks are beautiful - the perfect pattern for that yarn for sure!!
The Firestarter socks will be great in Safari yarn - I'll be looking forward to seeing them...