Tuesday, September 18, 2007


My little lady Catherine had her 2 front teeth extracted today, and I am so stressed I can't even sit long enough to knit. She looks so sad :-( and I wish I could do something to make her feel better. She won't even smile or take the gauze out of her mouth for a picture. It's amazing the effect your own children have on you, I almost feel like it was me who had the procedure, actually worse! I want to take her for ice cream, but she is afraid to put anything in her mouth. Well, I can always do what I do best and hope it is enough, CUDDLE! I'm off to cuddle with my "baby". But on a good note, I want to share this photo of Catherine knitting her first sock! This was yesterday, and she was quite the happy girl.

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pat said...

I hope she has recovered! I sure know what you mean about feeling our children's pain!
How great that she is knitting a sock!! All 4 of my kids took a stab at knitting a few times, but never stayed attached.