Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Summer Cardigan finally done...

Pattern: Katia Twist Jacket (pattern no longer available at Elann.com)
Construction: 1. worked as one peice instead of 3, back and forth, from bottom up.
2. Finished shoulders with kitchener stitch.
3. Worked sleeves from shoulder down, starting with short rows to shape the shoulder. Both sleeves were then worked together. I began knitting the sleeves in the round and discovered that this rib does not do well, so I switched to back and forth and seemed the sleeves.
Yarn: Reynolds Saucy White, 100% Cotton, Worsted weight
Needles: Denise Circular #7
-The sleeves seemed to take forever. I never thought I was going to finish this Cardigan. I like it and it is exactly what I wanted for a quick throw on cool spring/fall evenings. I am thinking, however of putting a single button up on the neck. It would look cute as well as added warmth at the neck.
-I am happy to be finished with this project as well as happy to blog again. One more project I want to finish before I start anything new. Then I have about 3 projects in mind.
-Question: I frogged a sweater and was wondering if I should "wash" the wool before using it again, and how do I go about "washing" wool?
-It has been a wonderful summer! Yet I am glad it is over, it was so very busy, that I feel like I am now on MY vacation. At least for a while....I have lots of "work" to do at home.

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pat said...

Your white cardigan in beautiful!! I put 1 button on my eyelet cardi and love it (have it on right now). I love that Noro scarf too - It's fun to knit with Noro!
I frogged a sweater I got at Salvation Army (Eddie Bauer - Lambswool,Angora - bought it to frog it!) I washed it because it was so curly after ripping. Just wind it over a chair into skeins - tie the skeins at 2 or 3 places and put them in the sink in soapy water - swishing very lightly. after rinsing, squish them with a towel and hang them to dry, letting the weight of the water pull them straight. Does that make sense?
If the yarn is clean to begin with and not all curly, I don't know if I'd bother washing.