Sunday, August 12, 2007

A nice little gift

It is always such a sense of accomplishment to finish a knitting project. Knitting is very relaxing and calming, most of the time. Except when I get near the end of a project I tend to want to rush it into completeness. This top has taught me a few things. I was rushing the sleeves to get them done, and therefore had to rip them out and start over a few times to get it right. If I had tackled them with a relaxed, "I have all the time in the world" attitude, they probably would have gotten done faster. And this is the first pieced top I have done, and I still MUCH prefer knitting in the round. I think I will continue to convert patterns to round knitting, I find the finished product to be so neat and clean looking.

This summer when we went to visit my Brother in MS, my Nieces expressed an interest in knitting. Well, I didn't have much time to teach them, although I tried. To hopefully encourage their desires, I have made this sweater for Madison and will ship it with the pattern, a childrens knitting book and the left over yarn. I hope she will enjoy it.
Pattern: Sausalito size 8
Yarn: Schachenmayr Crazy Cotton #87
Needles: size 5
Buttons: Walmart, believe it or not, they are really cute!
Modifications: Did a scalloped edge in front & back, added 1 1/2" bands on sides under arms, and short row sleeve shaping.

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Sidsel said...

How lovely,that you found the "heaven of yarn" as well.Nice items..Just wanted to wish you good luck..Have a nice week..
Greetings from Sidsel,Norway :)