Monday, August 13, 2007

Runway Knits, Roman Candle

I love this pattern. When I was buying yarn, I told Berta that I was concerned with a tight fitting top to be wearing wool. Although her opinion was that the wool would be fine, she did recommend the vintage cotton as a replacement. I just spent today knitting a swatch in the round. And I am not sure how to measure the gauge when the stiches are cabled.....It looks to me though like it is almost right, I have 60 stitches in the round (30 each side) and it is almost 4 inches wide. So it appears that it is right on for 32sts/4". But it looks to me to be too loose....probably a result of the non-fuzzy yarn? So I might consider using this yarn for another pattern. I'll need more time to think on this, but in the mean time I welcome any and all suggestions.
Vintage Cotton Yarn : 6sts/1" on US3 needle stockingnet stitch.
Boise Yarn (indicated in Pattern) : 5.5sts/1" on US5 needle stockingnet stitch
Pattern : 8sts/1" on US 8 needle in Pattern stitch.

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