Monday, August 20, 2007

Sarah's Cardi is done

I finished the sleeves last night. It looks quite nice, I am pleased.
Pattern: Girls Raglan Cardigan from Knit It! Magazine, Spring 2007
Yarn: Reynolds Saucy
Modifications: knitted top-down in the round, steeked front center.
Comment: knitting from the top-down changes the shapes of the flowers along the bottom, because the v's run in the other direction.

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pat said...

Beautiful, beautiful cardigan!!
and the self patterned socks are pretty too -I've definitely found that textured patterns don't show up in these yarns - at least not enough to make it worthwhile. I like them the best in plain stockinette. (although some patterns make the stripes undulate and that is kind of cool)
I need to get off this computer and go unpack!