Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Ok, so I think this is the ugliest thing I have ever made. Took my chances, and I know for sure I never want to work with boucle again. I officially do not like boucle!
The pattern was quite fun to knit and it was easy to assemble. I think if this sweater ever gets worn it will be to keep warm on a very cold winter day (in the house only!)

The back is cute; however, the front is not in the least flattering. And the way in which you make the curve with the front pieces makes a little "bubble" effect. I think that is why in the book, all the pictures are taken with the 2 "bubble" spots hidden. I think I did a very good job of easing the knit so as to avoid that, but I think it is unavoidable. Maybe some short-rows would have worked better there!

The yarn is lovely, in the fact that it is very soft and not itchy. I enjoyed the feel of it while working with it. Karabella yarns seem to be soft and luxurious, although expensive. Maybe I can turn the shrug into a pillow case and snuggle up with it on cold days is front of the fire (lol).
I must say, while I was making this it make me think of a cozy bath mat. I need a new one in the guest bath, too bad it is the wrong color.

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pat said...

I have never knit with Boucle - it always just looks so loopy like it would catch on the needles! But from here your shrug/sweater looks really pretty - I love the way it hugs in the back. Your "bubble spots" must be hidden too - because I don't see them~ and the color is gorgeous!
PS - Cam is sick - sore throat, so I may be canceling tomorrow - I'll email or call in the morning.