Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Yummy! Crosshatch Lace

I love these socks! After all my troubles they are wonderful. Here is a recap of what I did:
Pattern : Crosshatch Lace from mSKS
Yarn : Regia Bamboo, Jamaica #1066
Needles : started with 2.25mm moved down to 2.0mm, up to 2.5mm and finished with 2.25mm
Construction: Toe up Magic Cast On, Reversed Heel shaping, Hemmed cuff.
At 9.5sts/1" and foot measure 9.5" it looked as thought I should have 96 around. But this appeared too big, so I used 84. This was still too big, so when I got to the ankle I went down to 72sts. Although this is still quite loose, the hemmed cuff holds it in place. Next time I will go smaller than the book indicates.

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Amy said...

Those are so pretty! I want to make that pattern, but haven't found a good yarn for it yet.