Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fall has arrived, so has the PostMan!

Well, the leaves are changing, the weather is cooling and the rain has come.....Fall is here. I also got my delivery from KnitPicks. Awaiting a box from too. But that has not yet arrived. I have just swatched the yarn from KnitPicks and it is perfect gauge. It also looks and feels great. I was really surprised as I knit this up, that I was falling in love with it. It is Telemark in color Mineral Heather, knit on the new Harmony 3.25 circular needle. I received 3 balls, I hope that is enough.
Saturday is coming up soon. And my LYS, The Fiber Loft, is having it's Fall sale this weekend.....Oh the choices we must make. I usually cannot do much knitting on the weakend as I have to care for children. But my Mom is here and can help me out.....although; now I have to choose between knitting socks and buying more yarn.....Hmmm. I think it will have to be both.
My husband says "stay focused! Knit Socks!" I say....multi-task? my husband is a WOW fan, and when he is on a mission, he stays focused, even if it takes all night. I must say, I cherish my sleep way too much to sacrifice, so all I can do is my best, and dream that I am the winning assassin. LOL :-)


Cinnamonamon said...

Pretty! I bet you'll have plenty. :) I just turned down visiting my sister this weekend because I'd have to either miss the pattern debut, or spend 2 hours of knitting time driving to her place on Saturday! lol

pat said...

Oooo those new KP heathered colors are so pretty! Is this your Sock Wars yarn? They will be beautiful socks!!

Fabienne said...

for the sock bag pattern, ask ms. b, she is the one who made it for me *smile*.

Anonymous said...

so sorry Linda but I want to give you a heads up and inform you that your socks are just about completed... If I didn't have a IMPORTANT event I'd be driving to house to present your death in person so therefore we're forced to rely on the good ole MA postal service which as you may know can be VERY unpredictable int his state! lol
They should fit we're about the same size I think!! ;o))
I do hope you enjoy them!!

José said...

Thanks for your praise on my sock! (I now realise I forgot to add the English text, but the secret was not there in Dutch either, so here it is: )
My sockwars secret receipe:
rows 1 & 2 in purple, 3 & 4 in white yarn. That's all ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hello Linda,
I can see that you are very buzy knitting! Sorry for not writing comments earlier, I wasn't aware that I could before Gwyn told me yesterday. You have made some really amazing knitware, wow!

Cinnamonamon said...

uh oh, i see your pal has you marked for death! lol can't wait to see your socks!