Saturday, October 20, 2007

Something New - Mittens

Pattern: My own.
Yarn: KnitPicks Telemark in Mineral Heather.
Needles: size US3 40" circular needle.

I tried something new. The first pair I just started as if I were doing socks, starting at the cuff. Then stuck in the waste yarn for the thumb. I did these one at a time and learned new things all along the way. I even grabbed some graph paper and sketched a diagram for the stranding work on one mitten.
Next I had some yarn that I ordered for the new pattern on Six-Sox-Knitalong, the Black Diamond Socks. I was having trouble with these socks and opted to save the yarn for something else. Pat mentioned that the yarn would be nice for mittens. Hmmmm. Well, I searched and searched for a pattern, and found this one. I had to make modifications to size for my children and for the DK weight yarn.

Pattern: My own modification of Corazon (see chart below).

Yarn: Peruvian Luxury Merino Superwash in Regency Rose & Devon Cream.
Needles: size US3 40" circular needle for cuffs, finger tips and thumbs. Size US4 32" circular for stranded hand.
Construction: 2 Mittens on one circular. 38 stitches around (19 on each side). Worked from Finger to cuff with an afterthought thumb.

These went so fast. After I discipline myself to finish the collar on my Mom's sweater, I am going to do another pair of mittens, but adult size. I think I will do this pattern but convert it to mittens rather than fingerless.
Here is the chart I drew up: It is 19 st by 25 rows. I placed the thumb between rows 8 & 9 (if working from cuff up) or rows 17 & 18 (if working from fingers down)
Question: Any other blogger users out there? Can you tell me, why does blogger allow some photos to be enlarged and other not? i.e. the 2 mitten photos above, are the same size, but only one can be enlarged with clicke on.


Cinnamonamon said...

Great mittens! Not sure about the pics, unless you modified them so that some are smaller to start with (if you zoomed in/edited their size), so they can't go any larger...

Did you just put the thumb stitches on a holder then cast on new ones? That is such a nice, easy way to do it...

pat said...

The Corazon mittens are just beautiful! Are the girls going to fight for them?
I can't wait to see your Endpaper Mittens - are you using fingering wt. yarn?
I'm not sure on Blogger pictures since I don't regularly use it, but when I've posted on KAL sights - as long as my original picture is bigger, it always makes a clickable link to it. Maybe your original pic was too small as Cinnamonamon said?

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe my eyes !!! How do you do it? when I was a kid and had learn how to knit mittens and sox, it seemed to be a long time to just learn, and here you are knitting so many beautiful things, learning as you go !!!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful stuff! You are really busy! Do you know that 'Telemark' is a region in Norway? Guess WHY I know this :-D