Thursday, October 4, 2007

Some fun stuff

Well, these days are just about over. This was a lovely warm sunny day, and Fred (female) is loveling every minute.And a new ball winder (actually a few weeks old now). This has been the best childrens "toy" I have ever purchased. We all have so much find winding cakes of yarn. They have gone through the house and wound just about every ball there is. This is a new skein that needed to be split into 2 balls to make a pair of socks for my Mother. They will be my carry along socks as I will let the yarn do the work and I will just simply knit. When I saw this yarn I thought, ick, but look how nicely it is knitting up. It's wonderful! And she got it at 60% OFF!

And the bear rug is just too cute to not keep in the post. I won this little rug in a raffle at a Race at Mount Ascutney, VT. Great run and lots of prizes. I had forgotten all about this win. As I usually don't win anything. It doesn't really fit in my homes decor, but I'm proud of it none the less. And it sits at the sunny back slider, welcoming home playful feet of all kinds.

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