Sunday, October 7, 2007

Noro Scarf

This was an enjoyable carry-along project.
It is a shorter scarf, which works well for me, as I am not into all the wrapping, just grab and tuck and ready to go. I had purchased a ball of Noro Kureyon on sale and added the purple stripes and viola. The inspiration is from brooklytweed, Jared's Noro Striped Scarf.

Pattern: k1 x p1, slip 1st and last on even rows only. 4 rows alternating between yarns.

Yarn: 1 Skien Noro Kureyon color #102, 1+10g Skien KnitPicks "Wool of the Andes" color Amethyst Heather.

Needle: Size 8. I used Denise circular, although this is (obviously) not knit in a circle.

Now just need to wait till winter. Next .... a pair of mittens.


pat said...

Such a pretty bright scarf - can't wait to see what mittens you decided to make!
(I have not put needles to yarn in 2 days - not even 1 stitch! - but my Mom and sister just left and I think I'll be back in business later today!)

Cinnamonamon said...

So pretty! I love the gradual striping with the solid; so cool! I hope your sock wars yarn comes soon. ;)