Monday, October 22, 2007

The Mall

Took the kids to Bertuccis for dinner tonight and had to stop in at Talbots to check out the sale items. Well, I fell in love with this top. I looked at it and said, I can make that.....then I tried it on and said.....I have to have it NOW!. Of course I didn't buy it, but I am so tempted to quit knitting, get a job and buy it. So much quicker, less mistakes and the yarn is already chosen, I am useless at picking out yarns. I just had to share that, oh and one more thing, this sweater is beautiful as well. Comfortable (not itchy) and no work involved :-). And actually probably less $$ than if I were to make it myself, and no pulling my hair out. All kidding aside, the photos don't do the sweaters justice, they really are lovely, and the first knits I have seen since starting knitting that I actually like. Do you think I am cured of my knitting obession? Maybe stranded knitting did me in.... Any suggestions for something to get me back on track? I'm bored with my current projects and overwhelmed with mittens. lol!


Cinnamonamon said...

Wow! That first one is especially gorgeous! You could do that! Of course it would be a bunch of (garter or moss stitch?), but the construction looks fairly straightforward. A new pattern for you? I just came across "drunken bees" yesterday & printed it out:

Too cute! ;) I'm also wanting to try the Try...something boot socks in the fall IK -- they're the ones next to Eunny's Tangled Yoke. They look so yummy & warm!

pat said...

They are beautiful - and there is something to say for instant gratification!
But for me it's more the process than the product...
(but I DO want a beautiful product too!)