Monday, October 22, 2007

Running: good for the sole

Running is good for many things, but today it was good for my knitting. Check out this mitten. I designed it myself and it is gorgeous (if I my say so myself) :-) But, working 3 color stranding is a pain in the bumm. I have been concentrating on the stranding so much I forgot to put in the thumb..... Arghh. I spent the morning thinking of all the alternatives I could take to avoid doing these 4 extra rows all over again. Even to the point of ripping out to the cuff, and making this a striped mitten. Then I went for my morning run. Now I feel invigorated and ready to continue tackling this mitten. I will frog the 4 rows, put in my thumb and get right on with it.

I always enjoy a challenge, which this is, but I like it to be fun as well. 3 color stranding is not fun, BUT the results ARE fun. So I will persevere. At least it's not a sweater, lol.

First I must hit the showers and get some breakfast. Good day to all!


pat said...

Ooowee - that is going to be a pretty mitten - beautiful enough that I'm glad you frogged 4 measly little rows to make it perfect!

Anonymous said...

Linda ! You have done it again !!Beutiful pattern. You are so clever and I am so proud of you !!! MOM.