Monday, October 1, 2007

Finished Firestarters

My favorite part of this pattern is the gusset. It is quite unique and I will use it again. But I am really dissapointed with the yarn, not what I imagined when I purchased it. Still luxuriously soft and wonderful to work with, just not thrilled with the striping effect. And can you believe I have 50g of this yarn left over? Anyone want a pair of socks? Probably only an anklet or short leg, but I could probably get a pair of socks out of this......definately a pair of child size!
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Sock, Safari
Needles: knit 2 socks on one 40" circular needle size 2.5mm (with later increase to 3.0mm)

This week I plan to finish the ILG socks and work some more on Mom's sweater. Then I want to start a cotton v-neck sweater for me.

Hey, get this, Mr "I don't like handknit sweaters" has asked me to knit him a sweater! Can't believe it. We started (didn't finish....too boring) watching the film Secret of the Cave and there was a sweater design that the fishermen were wearing. I was admiring it. And Mr. Says "you can make me one of those; as long as it is not itchy". I got all excited and started looking for some nice yarn. When I realized I will need a LOT more yarn than I do for a sweater for me. Well, all in good time, because I would love to make an Irish Fisherman sweater with a nice soft yummy (washable) masculine yarn.....all in good time.

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Leaving to see them in real life - see you in a minute...